Virtual Showings

The newest way to show your home to prospective buyers! If you want to sell your home, there is NOW a better way to do it!! 

Agents and buyers are able to see your home anytime and from anywhere in the world, making your home more marketable without disrupting your daily life!

Check out this new technology! Click on the white circles or use your arrow keys to move from room to room and between floors.

You can also hover over the icon in the bottom left of the virtual showing to select a doll house or floorplan view, giving you a better overall feel of the layout of the home!

Change your home selling experience!

  • Provide prospective buyers access to virtually walk through your home any day of the week
  • Limit the times you leave your home for a showing to serious prospective buyers
  • Reduce the disruptions to day-to-day activities (dinner time, homework hours, naptime)
  • Market better to out-of-town buyers
  • Allow agents with prospective buyers to preview the home from anywhere
  • Have an interactive visual with furnishings if you elect to move before listing the home

Change your prospective buyer’s experience!

  • Ease of viewing your home from anywhere (office, home or out-of-town)
  • Explore your home without balancing young family members
  • Shareable with family and friends near or far
  • Visual to revisit for planning furniture placement and any changes desired
  • Ability to share with vendors for bids (moving company, designers, contractors)

If you are ready to explore options for selling your home, contact eSADY today! Text or call, 816-674-2627, email or feel free to send a PM on Facebook. We are always here to help with your buying and selling needs!