Prairie Village and Roeland Park have caught the “Tear Down” bug!!!

IMG_3155 (1)For over a year now, builders like Koenig and Lambie Custom Homes, as well as a handful of others, have purchased homes in the Prairie Village area, torn them down and built beautiful NEW homes. These homes showcase 2 car garages, tall ceilings, open floorplans and master bedrooms of the modern day life. They are absolutely gorgeous with many of them still carrying that feeling of a charming inviting PV home.


There are mixed feelings across the neighborhoods about these projects. The extra noise and construction can be seen and heard on many blocks. Many builders are trying to manage this and take it into consideration. The city has worked hard to update regulations to help protect the feel of Prairie Village.
I have to admit though, all of the new is so hard not to love. Think about it, no cinder block basements, no dated electrical, plumbing is new all the way down to the sewer line. PV (and now Roeland Park) have found a way for people to get the breathing room they need when their families grow without having to pack up and head south.
Prices have grown over the last year as well. One of these new homes in PV start at around $700k and get up over $1 million. Roeland Park has recently had some new homes coming into the market at around $332,000+.
Interesting options and with build times getting shorter as the process improves, prospective buyers have the time to design their new dream home and then get their home sold this spring. 😉

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Loved Ones that Have It All!

gift boxes over white background 3d illustration

Have you checked their Home Improvement Wishlist lately? It literally lit up my day (and then every day after) when my husband installed a chandelier in my closet. We had purchased this light fixture years ago but never took time to hang it up. What a nice gift of service!
Instant gratification runs deep in our house, many of the “gifts”, the other person has already ordered for themselves and Amazon Prime is on track to have it at the house within 48 hours. It may be hard to believe, but I think many wives would rather get new countertops in their bathroom then another pendant. I could be wrong don’t quote me on that. 😉
Home improvement projects can cost a good chunk of change and often take an effort to complete. So they sit undone waiting for a not busy Saturday to occur on the calendar. #akaNever
Surprise a loved one by getting the bids and selecting a contractor to install a new kitchen backsplash tile of her choice this January. Or add the paneling to the dining room wall that you all have been talking about the last few years. A cable outlet and mount for that outdoor television on the deck? A gas line run for a new stove of her choice?!?! What a great idea!