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BUYERS need a house!! Brookside area under $325,000

Need Brookside House

I have a sweet couple that is in search of a home in the Brookside area. They specifically would like to be west of Oak and north of Gregory. Ideally a 3+ bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms and 2+ garage spaces. They are considering homes up to $325,000 at the moment. The buyers are flexible and could do a quick close or give someone a little time with a longer close.

They are a wonderful family and would take great care of a home. They really just need a place to make some memories with their children and grandbaby!!

We have seen everything currently for sale on the market. If you know of someone that would consider selling their home please let me know. Call or text 816-674-2627 or

HyVee comes to Brookside! NOT A JOKE! #LifeChanging

HyVee is coming to Brookside!! Well shoot, they already did!!

On Monday, HyVee came to Brookside and delivered my groceries to my front door step. These were all groceries I had selected on their website, at 11:08 pm, in my bed, with my husband, as we sipped wine and watched some TV.

What type of freaking grocery store, allows you to sit on a bed, drink alcohol and watch TV while you decide what type of deli meat you would like? From my experience, I do not think they would care if my two boys were both screaming while I tried to decide if the brand name mini rice cakes are worth it or is the store brand really the same thing and way cheaper?

It was amazing! #LifeChanging I highly recommend it. I insist that you try it!!

The website was pretty easy to use and seems to get easier with time. When I signed in today to start filling my cart for this Friday the website remembered what I ordered last time and had it towards the top of the list. The selection was great. They also seemed to have just about everything they offer in the store.

Any guesses at how much this may have cost me? You know to have someone wonder through the store on my behalf and pick out the 6 different yogurts I wanted, find the soy sauce, track down where the big tortillas are- then load it in a van and drive it to my house to be carried to my door. $15 $10… IT WAS FLIPPING FREE!!! If you spend more than $100 it is free. If you spend less than $100 it costs $5.

Which on the days that I wake up to realize we are out of milk for my 2 1/2 year old, I will gladly pay $5 for someone to bring a gallon of milk to my house. If it avoids having to drag two little boys to the grocery store, I am in! Or trying to squeeze swinging by the store into an already busy workday, money well spent!!

I have also spent the last few days dreaming about all the other times this will come in handy. How about those days we are having a little gathering of friends at our house for a party. Wouldn’t it be great if the groceries for that party all just magically showed up at my doorstep? I could use those hours that day to help prep for the party or maybe just maybe, shower and be ready and enjoying a glass of wine as my guests arrive rather than running around with my head cut off.

Please I beg you, don’t shuffle this idea off for another day. Check it out here, today, tonight… glass of wine optional. 🙂 


**Special thanks to my friend Jennifer Robertson for sharing this with our playgroup weeks ago. You rock! Another special thank you to our sweet Annmarie Jamar for encouraging me to actually try it. You are terribly good at nudging me towards things that all around better my world! 🙂

Investment group First Washington may be raising the rent on Local Brookside Businesses

I hope that the investment group First Washington really understands what we really ‪#‎LoveBrookside‬ for! ‪#‎ShopLocal‬ If anyone is up for rallying together to send letters and make phone calls to First Washington investment group, I am in. I know Tim Sady would be too! Our local businesses and restaurants are truly the ‪#‎WhyBrooksideMO‬ for our family.

Local Brookside Businesses

CONTRACT PENDING! Amazing opportunity to buy into Brookside at $230,000

6021 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64113

6021 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64113

3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, 2 car garage with private drive

Brookside charm & just 8 minute walk to grocery store?! #TellMeMore 2 full baths, 2 car garage w/private drive, massive #LivingDiningBed rooms. Master has private bath, walk-in closet, tons of natural light & martini deck! Beautiful woodwork & built-ins adorn 1st floor. Expandable attic space could be 4th bedroom. Refinished hardwoods. New exterior & neutral interior paint. A covered front porch is a #BrooksideMustHave. Massive deck! Walk-up basement! Great opportunity to be in heart of #BrooksideMO

See more at: 6021 Oak Street

I’ve trampled through the homes in Brookside currently available under $250,000. It is not pretty. Many are small and “unique”. The house I just listed at 6021 Oak Street is not perfect but man does it have square footage and tons of pluses. Over 2,000 square feet and an expandable attic that gives the ability to add an additional 4th bedroom or make a dream master suite.

Another hard to find attribute under $250,000 in Brookside? How about that 2 car garage with private drive OR the second full bath?!!?! This house has both!

AND it is just an eight minute walk to the Brookside grocery store and shops! That is one of the priceless reasons, we all love Brookside so much! #WhyBrooksideMO

Let me know if you or a friend wants to take a look at it in person. #GreatBrooksideOpportunity


Want to see how 6021 Oak Street compares to the other homes in the area with 2 full baths?

Check out these search results: 

FOR SALE in Brookside, MO area under $250,000 with 2 full baths or more

#WhyBrooksideMO – Area for reinvention & remodeling

I feel like I often come across three types of home buyers.

  1. The type that want a turn key, everything is updated and ready for a buyer to just move in personal belongings and enjoy.
  2. The type that want a house that is a bit of a blank slate and ready for the buyer to come in and make it all their on taste and just the way they want it. Whether that is new construction or completely remodeling the home top to bottom.
  3. The type that are tweakers and up for possibility of a few projects. They want something mostly done but that could have a few changes made to make it fit their style and likes. We are talking paint colors, light fixtures, new countertops/backsplash or possibly a bathroom remodel.

Something I adore about Brookside, MO… each of the above described buyers can find a house that meets their desires!! The area is made up mostly of homes a hundred years old give or take some years. So in many ways, the need to remodel and reinvent is necessary. 🙂 What is great is that the majority of the blocks and areas support someone buying a house at a decent price and then updating it to their likes without the risk of being greatly over invested. I find that the people looking for whole house projects or just your average house tweaking buyer can find a property to make their own. They open up walls for a better flow to the floorplan or reinvent bathrooms, create outdoor living spaces, uncover hardwoods and refinish them. The list just goes on and on. My husband and I really enjoy this process of reinventing homes. I find myself often looking at the after (showing ready) homes as works of art. I get so excited when I see how someone has completely broken down the needs of a kitchen, dining room and living room with each area being laid out perfectly for a night of entertaining or just a family week night dinner. I also get a kick out of trying to envision or figure out how to fix layouts that are just not quite right in the “before” homes. 🙂 There are a number of investors  that have the necessary potential return to come into Brookside and turn some severely neglected homes into fabulous addresses again. The buyers of those fabulous “flipped” addresses move into virtually new homes with everything updated often down to the homes electrical and plumbing systems. They also have a very good chance of being in a positive place in half a decade when they sell, as long as they stay on top of the home maintenance. The area has such a strong demand for nice updated move-in ready homes! So you see Kansas City’s suburb Brookside is perfect for any type of buyer. 😉 Here are a few exterior before and after photos of projects in the area.

Here’s some before and after photos of the interiors of a few of these homes: Brookside Remodels Before and After Interior Photos

Interested in a Brookside beauty? Feel free to email me at or text/call me at 816-200-7239. There are a handful of flipped projects that are nearing completion as well as a few that need a head to toe remodel or just a few tweaks that I would love to show you. 🙂

#WhyBrooksideMO – Mother’s Day picnic in the park

Brookside has numerous parks that make up a big reason why so many people love to live here. I hope to cover many of them as I share my reasons for #WhyBrooksideMO but thought I would start with the biggest and my favorite… Loose Park.

My husband and I have referred to it as the “NYC Central Park” of Kansas City. It is made up of 75 acres which gives visitors so much room to spread out and bathe in the sun or toss around a Frisbee. You can read more about the history of the park here.

For our 6th wedding anniversary, my husband surprised me with a helicopter ride and part of the trip was over the park. It was absolutely breathtaking from that angle. I would highly recommend it!

We renewed our vows on our 1 year wedding anniversary in the Laura Conyers Smith Rose Garden of Loose Park many years ago, and took maternity photos there a year and many months ago. 🙂 It has played the backdrop for a number of important times in our lives.4.MD2013.00










Over the years we have taken long strolls OR vigorous walks (ask me about how that went 5 days after having my son) around the outside or inside trails of the park. It gets busy at times but the size of the trail makes it bearable. Plus whether it was by myself, with a friend, or my husband, the miles go quickly with the nice scenery. There is a good sized pond with fountain & charming weeping willow trees, a section of interesting trees on the west side, tennis courts (awe, some day we will learn to play), playground filled with laughter and children’s voices and just big open greenspace!4.MD2013.01

I also find at times a competitive edge comes out in me when I cross paths with someone going the opposite direction, and then meet up with them again more than halfway around the track! It’s motivating. 😉

Google maps even has the two trails mapped out if you want to create a route for exercising or a training program. You can start it from the parking lot or your home address.


So what does this have to do with living in Brookside? Sure, we drove here before when we lived just across the state line. There normally is plenty of parking available. What is the big deal?!?!?!

Well… the big deal, the last two Mother’s Days is that we could just walk out the door, no car keys to worry about, no purse or driver’s license needed and after just a few blocks, we are seated in a sea of green grass without a care in the world. There is something about not having to stress about getting the stroller and stuff folded up and loaded into the car, not to mention wrestling a baby into a car seat (it is getting interesting these days). And get this, once you get there, no need to find a place to park!! Avoiding that whole part brings the feel of going to the park down a few notches to where you can relax your shoulders and just push the stroller. Easy, relaxing, and not a lot of hassle are adjectives all mothers like used when describing something they want to do on Mother’s Day. 🙂

Another reason I love being able to walk to Loose Park is that I think one of the best parts of the park is the south side. The last two years we have enjoyed a bottle of wine (and this year a lovely picnic) on a blanket watching the trees wave in the wind. It has made for a pretty unbelievable Mother’s Day retreat.

4.MD2013 4.MD2013.1 Mother’s Day 2013  4.MD2013.2


IMG_0498 IMG_0504Mother’s Day 2014

IMG_0507     IMG_0511

To be honest, we have had some nice getaways on many random days and evenings in Loose Park. It is one of our “go-to” places to slow down a bit to catch up with each other or just take in life a little. We often catch ourselves pushing that stroller away after the sun has set and the sky has drawn dark having wanted to enjoy every last minute. 🙂

If you want to learn more about living in the Brookside area of Kansas City or another area, let me know. I am always here to help find that happy place for you to call home. – text or call 816-200-7239

#whyBrooksideMO – Old School Big Front Porches

So many of the streets of Brookside, MO and Waldo are lined with homes that have big front porches. I often get to snoop around them when I am out showing houses. I love it when they are setup as outdoor living areas with big comfy chairs and outdoor loveseats. Many are so big that people are able to have tables and chairs too. Such a perfect relaxing setting on a rainy day like this. Big warm cup of coffee or a glass of wine… I am there!


You will find some to be completely covered by a roof, others are partially covered (mine) and a few are completely screened in.

I know that covered decks and three seasons rooms are making a come back in new construction and remodels, which is great! BUT one thing I always try to point out to buyers is that a porch is a space that can be inviting to neighbors. I often think if you are on your front porch and a friend walks by you are welcoming to a conversation or visit from them to catch up on life. Or at the very least you can wave hello and smile to them as they walk/drive by.


We are currently working on a makeover of our porch. It is mostly uncovered and so I am trying to find a way to fit a table under the covered portion and then add some warmth and ambiance to the rest. Ideally, I would like to find a way to make more of it covered but that will have to wait until our home improvement rainy day fund is bigger. 🙂



If you want to learn more about living in the Brookside area of Kansas City or another area, let me know. I am always here to help find that happy place for you to call home. – text or call 816-200-7239




#WhyBrooksideMO – you are a local when you sit down for salsa

You can ask anyone that really knows me. I love Jalapeno’s!!

I adore the place.

Like… name drop “Jalapenos in Brookside” when I talk to new people in the area!

Like… I relished the “life planning” sessions I shared there with my awesome husband. Many Sunday nights, over a pitcher of margaritas, before we flew out on a Monday morning… we discussed life. Reflected on the accomplishments of the weekend (yard work, home improvement projects, adventures with friends). Shared our thoughts on what we thought the next week or two held. You know- serious stuff.:) Note we often were in gym shorts and covered in dirt. The staff was still always nice when they saw us dirt and all! 🙂

Like… I had my 25th and 30th birthday dinners at Jalapenos. 😉

Like… It took every bit of restraint to wait 7 days to take my son there to celebrate.

Well, come to find out, I am not the only one that feels this way about this small Brookside Mexican restaurant.

If you sit back and people watch, just a little when you visit the cozy restaurant. You will notice the staff often greet many tables, if not the majority of the guests with a familiar smile. Which sets a tone for the hum of the restaurant. This is what makes it so welcoming and comforting for me and the other Jalapenos groupies. It makes a nice little local restaurant background for life.

#thanks #WhyBrooksideMO


Here is my little guy at dinner tonight celebrating an important client closing! He is a fan of the kids chicken quesadillas AND anything covered in ketchup.








Jalapenos Brookside, MO
6318 Brookside Plaza
Kansas City, MO 6411
If you want to learn more about living in the Brookside area of Kansas City or another area, let me know. I am always here to help find that happy place for you to call home. – text or call 816-200-7239

#WhyBrooksideMO – teeny tiny sinks

#WhyBrooksideMO because I just adore the tiny half baths with their teeny tiny sinks! 

I have adored these little tiny sinks since we first toured homes in Brookside 10 years ago when we were looking for our first home. And by adore I mean it brings a smile to my face when I come across an especially small or creative one when I am viewing homes. Part of the fascination might also come with how creative (and/or desperate for a half bath on the main floor) people get in these 100 year old homes.

In remodeling our half bath in our Brookside home we had room for a bigger sink but I insisted on getting a small one. The plumber was not terribly happy with me but he seemed to get over it. 🙂

Found this gem in a house I was previewing for clients in the Country Club District. I also adore chandeliers so these homeowners really made me smile! #KCRealEstate












If you want to learn more about living in the Brookside area of Kansas City or another area, let me know. I am always here to help find that happy place for you to call home. – text or call 816-200-7239