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The other details of buying a house…

There are times when I fell like homeowners or hope-to-be homeowners question the value of having a buyer or seller’s agent. This crazy real estate market makes the need for an educated and experienced agent all that more important.

Here are just a few reasons- check out these questions a real estate agent can help answer.

The MOST APPEALING offer terms when considering multiple offer situations:

  • Sellers considering multiple offers =
  • Buyers competing with multiple offers =

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Buying A Home and Selling Your Current Home

Option One

Option TwoOption Three


Believe it or not…

  • There are a few other options for structuring buying a new home contingent or NOT contingent on the sale and close of your current home.
  • It is possible to find a home and move in the crazy real estate market KC is experiencing again this year!

It would be my pleasure to provide information on the value of your current home, explain    options in greater detail and answer any    questions on how it all works!! Including how does this affect naptime schedules!

If you or a friend are considering a move  please do not hesitate to reach out to me! 816-674-2627 or

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Virtual Showings are available for all homeowner clients!

We are excited to announce that Virtual Showings will be
available to all eSADY clients selling their home!

Our goal is to offer homeowners the option to LEAVE their home for traditional buyer
showings ONLY 2 or 3 days a week! Virtual showings will be available for buyers 7 days a week!


Click here to find out more about his exciting new technology,
offered exclusively to eSADY Real Estate Clients.

Virtual Showing

Sample of eSADY Real Estate Photos

Here is a gallery of sample photographs that Dawn Conners Photography took of homes listed for sale by eSADY Real eEstate. I hope this helps give you an idea of what to expect, and how all your hard work staging your home will pay off in beautiful images!!!

Other Benefits of a Sellers Market

I am sure you have heard the news… “It’s a Sellers Market!”, “It’s the Best Time to Sell Since 2007!”. Realtors are shouting it from every street corner and roof top they can trying to get people to list their home. It is not just because they want a quick sale of your home. I mean yes, it is very nice to sell our listings quickly BUT our market is in desperate need of homes for sale. With such low inventory there are lots of buyers ready to buy with nothing to purchase.

So… this leads to the obvious, selling your house now means a higher sales price in less days listed for sale! Which is great! But with the turn of the market other factors have swung in the sellers direction that make selling a better experience now than it has been in a long time and could be in the future. Sellers are seeing more flexibility in the time between getting an offer and closing/moving date. Plus, sellers are able to put more restrictions on how agents and buyers can schedule appointments to see the house. Here is a short video giving your more details.

If you have questions on what selling might look like for you right now, feel free to call me 816-200-SADY(7239) or shoot me a message at


Have a great Thursday!


What to do with Your Pets when Trying to Sell Your Home

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Common Home Inspection Problems

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