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eSADY or elizabeth SADY, Realtor

As much as I love to talk, I cannot stand to talk about myself. 🙂 Please know that this is hard for me to write, but I always appreciate reading the “About Me” sections on professionals I hire, so here goes nothing.

I was born and raised in Kansas City. I spent my college years working at Citibank in their collections and quality assurance department. In 2005, I graduated from KU with a Business Administration degree. I then spent the next four years traveling the country and world as a technology consultant for Deloitte Consulting.

The problem solving aspect of consulting and helping people transition between computer systems was what I truly loved. I started researching new careers that would allow me to do this and keep me local. After much consideration and convincing of the hubby, I settled on starting my own business as a real estate agent.

Not long into this new life living and breathing real estate 24/7, we caught another bug. Tim and I started buying and flipping homes. What an adventure! Click to see our most recent remodel! A total of 7 complete home transformations before my first adorable son was born.

Maxwell is my oldest and such a mini Tim. He has been the ticket to my favorite adventure in life — being a mom! I am forever grateful that I get to be his mama. William is my baby boy and more resembles me (so far). He is truly one of the happiest babies I’ve ever encountered!! His smile, laughter and love has infected our family. I just love him!

As I said, I am not good at writing about myself. Here are a few other fun facts:

  • I cannot cook. Maybe if it was an emergency I could make spaghetti.
  • I love margaritas
  • I am crazy about my annual Christmas card. Really crazy!
  • My basement is a disaster zone. I mean it is scary down there and nearly impossible to locate your desired item.
  • My favorite vacation spots include Big Sur and the Bay Area of California, as well as Vail, Colorado.
  • I am slightly OCD about a few things. But I think this is a positive attribute at times. J

 tyler BUSH, Realtor

I was born and raised right down I-70 Highway in Columbia, Missouri. I completed my public schooling days at a small school outside of Springfield, Missouri. I grew up a huge sports fan, especially when it came to Mizzou Athletics. When I was a kid, my father worked for Mizzou’s Athletic Department and it forced me to be raised around the Mizzou Sports campus, coaches and athletes that I still hold relationships with to this day. I traveled a lot with my father and the teams throughout my childhood and was able to see and meet some of the best Collegiate Athletes as well as venues all across the country. That same love for Sports helped me see many opportunities to compete athletically myself all over the country.

After leaving school, following in my father’s footsteps, I joined the food & beverage industry. I had come from a long line of food & beverage company owners and operators, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when I quickly climbed the ranks and found myself helping open brand new restaurants throughout the Springfield area. There while also learning how to run a business, I was also able to hone the customer care skills that I take pride in today.

After a stint in the Food & Beverage industry, I decided I wanted to work for the company that had helped mold my love for athletics throughout my childhood, NIKE Inc. I started working for Nike in Branson Missouri, at their Factory Store level. Once again, I found myself quickly climbing the ranks; and I was given opportunities to teach the customer care knowledge I had to Nike associates from all over. I am very grateful for the time spent with Nike, within that, I was also able to learn what it takes to run $10-16 million dollar company assets. It also is what landed me in the metropolitan area I had always dreamed to live and grow my own family in, Kansas City.

Before joining the Real Estate Industry, I learned that the skillset of customer care I carried was more intuitive than others around me; this made me question if I was in the right place. I had always been curious about the real estate world and how it all worked. My curiosity grew more and more as I began my own research on the industry.

One day, while reading an article about what it takes to “make a great real estate agent” I came across something that stuck with me and always will throughout my career. That advice I read was that it doesn’t take a pushy salesmen to sell a home, in fact, no one can sell a home, but only be a close advisor and consultant to their client, to ensure them that they are making the right decisions.

That’s what I aim to be, that’s why I’m in the business. I understand that buying a home is a scary process, especially for first time buyers. That’s where I come into play; I will do everything possible to make sure this wonderful process of buying a home, goes as smooth and seamless as possible. I aim to keep you knowledgeable and up to date every step of the way.

I don’t mind working those extra hours, doing that extended research, or going back over a contract to ensure we’re in the right place. The work ethic that was instilled in me when I was young is what you as a client deserves to receive. After all, your happiness is my success.

I look forward to the opportunity of helping you find the perfect house to call home here in this Beautiful City that we get to grow in.

Just a few fun facts:

  • I am a Shoe FANATIC and own over a few hundred pairs, including every pair Michael Jordan wore.
  • I have been inside every Big XII Basketball & Football Venues
  • My favorite place to travel is to my hometown of Columbia to be with Family.
  • I Love Jazz, Blues and Funk music.
  • I’ve never missed the opening weekend of Mizzou Football

 amy SLAYBAUGH, office manager & administrator

I am the mother of two amazing teenage boys, Jayson and Alexander, who make my world go round.  They are my single greatest joy and source of pride.

I have been in a relationship with Devlin, a  wonderful man who is 11 years younger than I am, for over 10 years.  I am not sure if he keeps me young or I am making him old before his time but I would like to think it is the former.

We have a 100 year old house south of UMKC that we have been renovating off and on for the last six years.  We love our neighborhood with all of its diversity and are super excited about all the new development along Troost.

When I am not taking care of my family or working on my house, every chance I get, I am working in my garden.  I am a total plant nerd and love adding new plants, moving plants around and building structures so I have an excuse to buy more plants.  We have two adorable cats, Tucker and Smudge, who earn their keep by keeping the bunnies and squirrels out of my garden.

BMA logo 2015

Elizabeth is currently the president of Brookside Mothers’ Association. BMA offers playgroups for local children and so much more.

Why I adore Brookside Mothers’ Association so much
The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child. I adore Brookside for many reasons; you can feel the love in the air, at the dinner table of a local restaurant, on the front porch of a neighbor’s house, in the tree-lined streets. On top of that, Brookside Mothers’ Association has become a great group of mothers, fathers and playmates that are priceless key members of the village that will raise my two boys. These people are a ton of fun, often in the most casual, comforting way! They serve as a support system for my son as he grows. But oh boy! Our playgroup has supported both Tim and myself as we stumble through this journey of parenthood.

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